About Us

Padideh Aras Technical Engineering Company since 2013 with the aim of providing technical engineering services and consulting in the field of construction and operation of steel and industrial factories with the use of experienced managers and engineers with modern knowledge in the specialized fields of production, automation of electrical substation construction design and implementation of civil engineering and mechanical metallurgy in the field of steelmaking, rolling and other industries as one of the sub-companies of Aras Steel Industrial Group. In addition to meeting the technical and engineering needs of the Aras Steel Industrial Group and its brilliant records, such as operating and increasing the production efficiency of the Sepehr smelting plant in Ceylon, Ardabil, setting up the automation of the Rostavi Steel smelting and rolling plant in Georgia, setting up and implementing the hot rolling automation of Sulaymaniyah Iraq, investment and completion of the construction project of Pars Haft Tapeh steel plant, operation of Azarabadegan steel plant project with a capacity of 240 thousand tons per year, the EPC contractor of which was Padideh company, construction of ccm line based on the latest technology, which is the first line in the country Armenia has been successfully installed. Also, by establishing a design, manufacturing and assembly workshop, Padideh Company is considered one of the most reliable companies to cooperate with the country's steel industry activists in the field of design and localization of all the requirements of good and rolling mills.