List of Technical Services

1- Design, R&D, reverse engineering, re-engineering, optimization in the field of construction and operation of industrial and steel factories

2- Overhaul operations and reconstruction of production lines of steel factories

3- Supplying all equipment, items and spare parts abroad

4- Providing technical and expert advice in the field of operation and productivity of production lines

5- Providing installation and commissioning services for steel factories and operation of steel factories

6- Providing advice and technical and environmental studies regarding the justification plan for the construction of the factory

7- Providing services Design and manufacture of production line machines, including: a) gearboxes and industrial stands, heavy machinery, heavy and semi-heavy aerial cranes b) as well as consumable and spare parts, including the manufacture of rolls and rollers in a modern way, c) manufacture of gearboxes high speed style d) Design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment, including jacks and hydraulic units, f) Industrial electrical services and design and manufacture of machine electrical panels